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“The XTRAIL is one of the top 10 trail races in Canada in 2009-2010.” - Canadian Running Magazine
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Mont ORFORD September 8th, 2019
All participants will receive a t-shirt. (excluding 1km)
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Mont Orford, QC will be host of the 11th edition of the XTRAIL on September 8th. The Xtrail series offers participants magnificient scenery and beautiful trails. We will offer you a superb 23K, the master distance at the XTRAIL, the classic 11,5K and 5 K which is still a very interesting distance for those who want a shorter distance or do not know what they've gotten themselves into! For the kids, 1 K is a race not to be missed! A 20K distance X-country style that combines the cross-country ski trails of the Mt. Orford National Park, as well as the the Mont Orford climb, that is used by the the 11,5K course, is alos offered. It will serve as a longer distance for those who are looking for a greater challenge than the 11,5K but that couldn't get in the limited places of the 23Km or that are just too intimidated by the Sentier des crêtes. But don't be fooled, this will be an extreme challenge. It will still climb to the summit of Mt.Orford!
xtrail asics
xtrail asics

Come and race at the most spectacular trail race this year! The XTRAIL offers participants a chance to have the time of their lives and to measure themselves against the elements of nature in an unmatched atmosphere. No need to be an elite runner to participate, the only desire to accomplish a journey out of the ordinary and a good pair of running shoes are sufficient. Be aware that with the impressive slopes in the 23K, 20K and 11,5K, there is a strong chance that some of you will be walking a lot! You will meet on all courses, gravel roads, rocks, mud, roots, obstacles, climbs, creeks, etc… You will most probably have wet and muddy feet in one of the more technical sections! The 23K, 20K and 11,5K will even reach the summit of Mont Orford at 864 m of altitude!!!

This year, there will be wave starts for the 5K and 11,5K. With the popularity of the race, we want to make your experience as much enjoyable as possible. Wave starts will allow mid-pack and back-of-the-pack racers to go faster and not jam at some places in narrow trails. In order to choose your race start, you will need to estimate your time on a similar distance (5K,10K, 21K) but for a ROAD RACE. In doubt, please choose the slower wave. It is possible with that system that if you feel great on that day, you'll have a faster time than someone on a faster wave start since the starts will be done in a CHIP START manner, meaning your time starts when you pass on the starting line.

xtrail asics
xytrail asics
Sunday September 8th, 2019
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4380 Chemin du Parc Orford, Qc J1X 3W7
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Both Start & Finish lines take place in the same area at Mont Orford Ski Station
19 years old and less
20-29 years
30-39 years
40-49 years
50-59 years
60 and up
September 7th
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Race packets pick-up at the ski station of Mt. Orford ski station
September 8th
7:00 am
Race packet pick-up in priority to the 23K and 20K.
Note that you should have completed your pick-up at least 30 minutes prior to the race start.
8:00 am
9:00 am
Start 23K (Mass start)
10:15 am
Start 11,5K Sentier des Crêtes (1st wave: time of less than 45 minutes on a 10K road race)
10:20 am
Start 11,5K (2nd wave: time of less than 1:00 hr on a 10K road race)
10:25 am
Start 11,5K (3rd wave: time more than 1:00 hr on a 10K road race)
11:30 am
Start 5K (1st wave: time less than 22 minutes on a 5K road race)
11:35 am
Start 5K (2nd wave: time less than 35 minutes on a 5K road race)
11:40 am
Start 5K (3rd wave : time more than 35 minutes on a 5K road race)
1:00 pm
1K mass start for kids
4 to 12 years
1:30 pm
Awards Ceremony
xtrail asics
xtrail asics
1km (3-12 years)
Sentier Des Crêtes
November 5th
January 28th
May 13th
June 24th
September 3rd
October 7th

xtrail asics
* All participants will receive a t-shirt. (excluding 1km)

Prices do not include GST and PST
xtrail asics

There will be a 10$ parking fee to access the Mt.Orford's ski station's parkings. The money will be used for the Fonds de Relance du Mont Orford. You will therefore contribute to an excellent cause.

course descriptions
xtrail asics
XTrail Orford 1km for kids Ages 4 to 12
Maximum: 200 runners

Children under 6 years must be accompanied by parents or guardian. This distance is participatory, therefore not timed. Medal to all participants and after race meal. The course is entirely on clear and wide trails. The start will be approximately around 1: 00 pm Sunday, October 12th at the end of the 5 K, 10 K and 20 K.

* Please plan a lunch for pre-race as the the meal provided by the Xtrail for the 1K kids is only a healthy lunch served after their race at around 1:30PM.
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XTrail Orford 5km
Maximum: 500 runners

It's a "discovery" trail open to adults and teens from 12 years old and up, or for those wishing to test their potential in trail running. The course design is much alike a cross-country style race with wide trails with some gentle slopes. The last Km will be single-track with a beautiful Creek to cross! Your feet will be wet! It is an excellent opportunity for those who are intimidated by this kind of journey. The elevation gain is not too impressive (you will NOT climb to the summit like the 10K and 21K), and very accessible to all. For those who have made 5 Km at Sutton in June, the Orford 5K will be much faster and much less technical, since the course is mainly held on the multi-functional trails of Parc National du Mont Orford. If you are looking for a greater challenge, you better opt for the 10K. It will definitely be a fun distance. Many families are doing that distance all together. EFFECTIVE DISTANCE: 6,1Km

11h30 : Start 5K (1st wave : time less than 22 minutes on a 10K road race)
11h35 : Start 5K (2nd wave : time less than 35 minutes on a 10K road race)
11h40 : Start 5K (3rd wave : time over 35 minutes on a 10K road race)


* Note that there is only a water station at 3.8K. We suggest that you be in total autonomy.
* Estimated time of arrival of the first riders: 30 minutes
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XTrail Orford 11.5km
Maximum: 600 runners

The new 10km course:
The 11.5K trail will have a gentle start that will bring you on the wide trails used for cross-country skiing during winter in National Park of Mont Orford. After about 5K, you will be back at the ski station and begin an 800m climb towards the summit on a gravel road, and then you'll be re-directed in a single-track trail for 2K that is very steep and technical in a dense forest. 95% of the participants must walk there! On this section you will encounter some cliffs, streams, rocks, roots, mud, mooses, lynx, etc. This trail will lead you to the Mt.Orford's summit at 854 m with a 360 degrees view of the Eastern Townships. You will then start your descent on a gravel road called the 4K, for about 700m. A new single-track trail will then complete the course to bring you back to the ski station. The descent will not be too hard. We have made it as gentle as possible.

If your time on a 11.5K on the road is approximately 50 minutes, plan to double that time for the 10K Xtrail. Note that the Mt.Orford's 11.5K is generally less technical than our 10K at Sutton, but climbing up to the summit and then coming back down is very demanding on the legs if you go all-out!. In fact we think that the average times will the same for Orford and Sutton with regards to the 10K

Who will be the Kings and Queens of the mountain?

* Note that the 11.5K is held on magnificient trails, with a wide variety ranging from cross-country like trails, gravel trails and single track trails with rocks, mud, roots, leaves, etc.

10h00: Start 10K (1st wave : time of less than 45 minutes on a 10K road race)
10h05: Start 10K (2nd wave : time of less than 1 :00 hr on a 10K road race )
10h10: Start 10K (3rd wave : time more than 1 :00 hr on a 10K road race)

The 11,5K will have to be done in a time limit of 3 hours. Cut-off time will be planned at strategic locations. For your safety, a member of the organization will be closing all courses. He reserves himself the right to require a participant to abandon the race if he judges his pace will not allow him to finish the race in time.
Pro Circuit and X1, a quebec family owned enterprise and licensed by Health Canada, is the official aid station supplier of the XMAN. There are 2 water supplies and Proc Circuit (Km 5 and Km8 at the top).

* We strongly suggest total water autonomy with NATHAN belts or CamelBak hydration belt.
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Maximum: 200 runners

We have added a new distance of exactly 20K that is a combination of the 23K and the 11,5K: the first 13K are done in the wide cross-country ski trails in the Mt.Orford National Park, and the rest of course is the same ascent and descent done on the 11,5K course. This is for racers who want a longer challenge than the 11,5K and want something as extreme as the 23K and might have missed their spot on it due to the maximum limit. But don't be fooled, this will be a tough course to negotiate. The course reaches the summit at 864m before coming down.

START: 8:00am (mass start)

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XTrail Orford 23km
Maximum: 225 runners

The 23km will be on "cross-country" style trails for the first 12 km. Those trails are usually used for cross-country skiing during winter. Those trails, with some of the the oldest and tallest trees of southern Quebec, will lead you to Mount Orford National Park, then trails become increasingly steep and more technical. Subsequently, after the first 12K, you will start the REAL race, by climbing the famous Escaliers du Nord for 3K. That trail will bring you on an open ridge trail, a very technical course with rocks, roots, mud, snow?, mooses, lynx.... That technical part will last for more than 8 Km in a climb that never seems to have an end!!!! Once on top of Mt.Orford at 854m, you will be re-directed on a gravel road for about 700m that will bring you back down to the ski station. The final portion will be on another single-track trail for 2K. We have managed to make the descent not so steep.

The 23K is definitely the real challenge but is for those who really know what they're getting themselves into. The scenery is just breathtaking! If your time for a 21K on the road is approximately 1: 40, expect at least to add another hour to your 23K Xtrail time! For those who have raced our 2 events, note that the 23K Orford is less technical than the 21K Sutton for the first 12 Km, but the average times are the same. That shows you how tough the last 8K to the summit really are.

When registering to the 23K at Orford, you accept that the Sentier des Crêtes section might be replaced by another trail (trail 9 and 7A and 10Km course climb, total 20K, exactly the same course as the new 20K), in case of strong rain or snow the days preceding the event or if a lot of rain is expected on the day of the event. A decision will be taken only the DAY BEFORE the race with the Parc National du Mont Orford, in order to preserve the integrity and the fragile state of the Sentier des Crêtes. You therefore accept that there is a possibility, at this time of the year, that the course may be changed to the alternative course mentionned above. In that case, the 23K will start altogether with the 20K start at 8:00am instead of 9:00am.


* Estimated time of arrival of the first runners: 1:50 hours (for Viktor Alexy, winner of the 3 last Xtrail Orford, 1: 45).
* Average times: 3:00hrs.
* If you walk a good part of the race in the climbs, plan a minimum of 4 hours.
The 23K must be done in less than 4.5 hours. Cut-off times will be planned at strategic locations.
Pro Circuit and X1, a quebec family owned enterprise and licensed by Health Canada, is the official aid station supplier of the XMAN. There are 3 water supplies and Pro Circuit (km 5, Km 13 and at the Summit (km 20,7)
* It is MANDATORY to be in total water autonomy with NATHAN belts or CamelBak hydration belt for the 21K.
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additional services
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PRIZES xtrail asics
xtrail asics

Podium for the first 3 men and women of each distance whatever their age group category.

Winners of each age group will be able to receive their medal at the prize's table.

1000$ value in draw prizes to winners!

MEAL xtrail asics
xtrail asics

* A meal will be served to all runners after the race.

* Kids racing in the 1K will receive healthy meals after their race at 1:00 pm. You must bring something for them to eat prior to the race.

* Visitors and family members will be able to buy food onsite(BBQ), as well as hungry runners who want a BBQ in addition to the meals provided by the XTrail.

* Meal will be offred by Xtrail, IGA Gazaille from Magog and Corporation de Ski Mont Orford.

SUGESTED GEAR xtrail asics
xtrail asics
* Please note that at the end May and early June in the Eastern Townships, the temperature varies between 5 and 20 degrees celsius, on average. At the top of the mountain, the temperature can radically change. Plan your clothing accordingly.

We suggest you the following equipment:

- A pair of trail shoes

- Hydration Pack like CamelBag or Nathan Belt (mandatory for the 21K and strongly suggested for the 10K and 5K)

ACCOMODATION xtrail asics
xtrail asics

The Hôtels Villegia at Orford  including Le Manoir des Sables and le Chéribourg are the official accomodations for the Xtrail Orford. Mention code : XMAN17 for 15% discount.

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Located at 10km from the start of your race, Parc national du Mont-Orford offers you many lodging options for your week-end.

Reservations are mandatory as the places are limited. You can book online http://www.sepaq.com/reservation/ or by calling 1 800 665-6527.

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- The registration fees include the race fees, meal, gift, finisher's medal and a lot of fun!

- There are no showers onsite. Please plan on bringing changing clothes as well as an extra pair of shoes.

- The gondolas will be open to spectators. The summit is by far the best place to encourage the 10K and 21K participants!!! Family and friends will be able to buy gondola tickets directly through the ski station.
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