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“The XTRAIL is one of the top 10 trail races in Canada in 2009-2010.” - Canadian Running Magazine
xtrail asics
About Us
xtrail asics
Tired of paved roads? You’re right. Trail running is totally for you. The XTRAIL trail running series is the start of a new crazy adventure. In fact, trail running is growing fast in Quebec for a little while. With a little bit of catching-up to do with our southern neighbours and Europe in these kind of events, we still have the chance to have lots of magnificent trails, mountains, national parks and landscapes that will make a great success out of this newborn discipline.

More than 1000 racers participated in 2010 at the Xtrail Mont Orford and more than 700 at Sutton! Will you be one of them in 2011?

The XTRAIL organization invites you to amazing courses on hiking trails, cross-country skiing trails, alpine ski hills, mountain tops, roots, rocks, mud, snow…With two major events at Mt. Sutton and Mt Orford in the magnificient  area of the Eastern Townships, Quebec, CANADA, we will
give you all sorts of emotion with distances of 21K, 10K, 5K and 1K (approximative distances) NO need to be a strong experienced runner. The only desire to accomplish something exhiliarating and live a unique experience will suffice. Marathon runners, triathletes, adventure racers, and even the Sunday runner and the beginner will find a true satisfaction in completing or participating in one of our events.

The XTRAIL Mt.Orford and XTRAIL Mt. Sutton will even give you the opportunity to climb to their summit at more than 854m with the 21K and 10K! So do as many have done already and throw yourself into this incredible off-road adventure. Come and challenge the mountains!

Nicolas Taillefer

Race Director

xtrail asics
Our team
xtrail asics
  • Nicolas Taillefer
    Directeur de course

  • Annick Beaulé
    Directrice bénévoles

  • Alain Harel
    Directeur terrain

  • Jonathan Forcier
    Directeur logistique
    et ravitaillements

  • Anthony Lepage
    Directeur de

  • Elisabeth Dupuis-Taillefer
    Responsable inscriptions

  • Sophie Bonneville

  • Daniel Bélanger
    Responsable terrain

  • Mathieu Poirier
    Directeur Sécurité

  • Vincent Massé

  • Raymond Taillefer
    Responsable des
    tâches héliportées

  • André-Anne Massé
    Responsable de l'aire

xtrail asics
xtrail asics xtrail asics xtrail asics