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“The Xtrail C3fit is one of the top 10 trail races in Canada in 2009-2010.” - Canadian Running Magazine
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10 / 03 / 12
New Facebook Page

Have a look at our new Facebook page!
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1 / 11 / 10
Hello everyone!

Only a few days before the Xtrail C3fit Mt.Orford 2010. Please read this letter carefully, it contains vital information to your success for the October 16th event.

If you are registered and will not be able to make to the race, the waiting is long and maybe someone else would take your spot. Please advise us if you are not attending (Note that there will NOT be any refund)

Friday 15th:
Early Race packets pick-up at the Orford ski station from 6:30pm to 9pm.

Saturday 16th (Race day):
7:15am: Race packets pick-up for 21K and 10K participants in priority (***all packets must be taken at least 30 minutes prior to your race***)
9:00am: 21K start
10:00am: 10K start
10:15am: Official race packet pick-up for the 5K and 1K
12:30 PM: 5K start
1:30pm (approx.): 1K start (NO REGISTRATION ONSITE!!!!)
1:45 pm: Awards ceremony

You will have to have read and sign a waiver. You can download a version HERE to accelerate your registration process.

The Xtrail Orford has 2 water and ELOAD supplies for both the 10K and 21K. The 5K will have only one. We strongly recommend the use of a CamelBag or other water supply provided solely by the racer as well as carrying your own gels or food supplements. Please take this advise seriously as a lot of racers in the past years have completely bonked by underestimating the difficulty of both the last sections of the 21K and the 10K. Trekking poles are allowed but have to be carried during the entire course. Boutique LeCoureur from Sherbrooke will be selling hydration belts at 20% off onsite. For racers doing the 21K and the 10K, we will be serving hot chocolate and chicken broth at the summit after you cross the finish line.

We will alow 1 bag per participant (for the 21K and 10K) that you will leave before race starts at a designated area. It will be transported at the summit for you to recover at the finish line. The bag must be clearly identified to you and the Xtrail Organization is NOT responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to it during transportation. BE ADVISED THAT WEATHER AT THIS TIME OF THE YEAR CAN BE UNSTABLE AND BRING WIND, COLD RAIN AND EVEN SNOW (like the 2009 edition). Plan that if it rains, the bags are left outside so plan a plastic bag to put it in. PLEASE bring warm clothes in that bag including, gloves, hat, jacket, whool shirt, tuque, windshell etc...The bags must not weight more than 6 pounds, be reasonable. At the 2009 edition we've had clear skies and good weather but some snow was encountered in the high altitude trails. Plan accordingly, it can be quite cool and windy particularly in the 21K trails that are mostly on an open ridge for the last 7 crucial Km. Trust us, you will want to have something warm to wear after your race, since almost everyone wants to enjoy the summit for a while and see friends cross the finish line.

The Xtrail organization will provide every racer of the 21K and 10K with a bracelet to take a free ride down with the gondolas once you arrive at the finish line at the summit. YOU HAVE TO PUT THE BRACELET ON BEFORE YOUR RACE . Once again, there will be a waiting line to take the gondolas due to the great volume of racers crossing the finish line at the same time. You have to keep yourself warm for at least 40 minutes at the top. Family members and friends will be able to buy 2-way(up and down) or just one way gondola tickets to encourage 21K and 10K racers arriving at the summit. Those will be sold at the ski station.

A professionnal kindergarden service will be offered to allow you to race while your child is in safe hands. The cost is 15$ per child and you must bring a lunch for them. Reservations are required in advance at xtrail@live.ca.

A light after race meal will be served at the ski station, provided by the Xtrail and IGA Gazaille from Magog. There will also be a paying BBQ (5$) for hungry racers and family members.

We are still actively looking for volunteers. If you have family members or friends that would like to encourage you while helping in the process, please contact us at xtrail@live.ca

The official lodging of the XTRAIL is Hôtels Villegia just 2 minutes from the start hotelsvillegia.com/(Toll Free: 1 877-845-5344). Mention you are participating in the XTRAIL.
xtrail asics
1 / 09 / 10
Hello everyone!

The Xtrail C3fit Mt.Orford will take place on October 16th 2010. 700 racers are expected this year with the add-on of the 5K discovery trail race that will start and end at the bottom of the ski hill. Nos changes for the 21K and the 10K that will culminate at 854m for a legendary finish! Do not wait to register since we are expecting to closes entries way before the week prior to the race.

Don't forget to register your kids for the 1K! There will be a kindergarden service at 15$ per child from 8am to 2PM in order for you to race and then see you little ones race at the 1K. You need to reserve your place at xtrail@live.ca

The official lodging of the XTRAIL is Hôtels Villegia hotelsvillegia.com / (Toll Free: 1 877-845-5344) Here are the prices with breakfast included.
xtrail asics
xtrail asics
xtrail asics
xtrail asics
xtrail asics
XTrail Orford 2010